Our technology provides reliable delivery of over 25 million online tests each year, in virtually every country, in over 56 languages.

Test Delivery

Our Internet Test Driver offers sophisticated capabilities. Randomization is available at the option, item, section or test level. We have both one and three-parameter adaptive capability or can plug in your custom algorithm. Timing can be controlled at the item, section or test level.

We capture an extensive amount of information about the test experience. Which test, which examinee, item level responses, time per item, number of times visited, overall and content level scores. Clients may self-select the data fields they are interested in receiving.

Items can be grouped and delivered in sets.

Item Types:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Select
  • Constructed Response (Essay)
  • Short Answer
  • Drag and Drop
  • Hot Spot (Point and Click)
  • Matrix
  • Simulation
  • Reading Passage
  • Audio/Video

Item Banking

Item Workshop is our state-of-the-art online item banking system. It runs on major browsers and offers extensive configuration options. Content can be grouped in logical folders. User roles can be defined to limit access to the content and functionality that is necessary. Subject Matter Experts can be provided with assignments that allow system access for a defined period of time for both item writing and item review. Workflow may be customized to meet existing processes.

Tests can be created or edited for real-time availability. Test and item statistics are updated on a nightly basis.

Versioning is automatic and any two versions can be compared in a red-line format. Item Workshop also offers a robust suite of reports for most aspects of the test development process.

Secure Browsers

Our secure browsers are so effective that other test delivery systems license them. Available for both Windows and Mac the secure browsers lock down the testing workstation, prevent access to the Internet or other applications and disable common keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Alt-Del. They also support whitelists and blacklists.

Program Management

Each program has an online portal that provides extensive information

  • Number of tests in progress
  • Number of tests delivered over user selected date ranges
  • Preview existing tests
  • View individual test results
  • Manage testing locations and proctors

The most effective method of determining a testing location’s readiness before delivering tests is to run the System Check. This utility measures the Internet connection speed, validates the operating system and browser versions and automatically runs a test. It then presents a report card displaying the status of each check along with an estimate of the number of concurrent tests that can be delivered.


In addition to standard features such as zooming, contrast control and extended time we support the ability for examinees to respond to advanced item types using only the keyboard! This includes drag and drop along with point and click item types. We utilize NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) as an open source screen reader solution and can support JAWS as well.