The ITS Observational Assessment Solution

Elevate your OSCE or oral certifying exam with the ITS Observational Assessment Solution.

The next generation of oral certifying exams is here! The ITS Observational Assessment Solution means no more paper or tech-related stress. It’s one easy-to-use platform built on ITS’s trusted assessment technology.

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Media-rich resources

The value of your observational assessment depends on the realism of the testing experience. We support the inclusion of media-rich resources, such as high-fidelity images and animations, that can be easily and securely shared with the candidate.

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Embedded video conferencing

Our high-quality video conferencing software is secure, scalable, and embedded into the platform. There’s no need to juggle third-party apps. Free up your examiners to spend time where it’s important—focusing on the candidate.

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Configurable exams

One-size-fits-all platforms have their benefits, but they often overlook the uniqueness and complexity of your organization’s exams. That’s why our platform adapts to your exam design and emulates the look and feel of your brand.

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Secure delivery

Cheating and item harvesting can undermine your brand and status. With the ITS Secure Browser, you can safeguard your exam content and protect your organization's reputation. The Secure Browser locks down the candidate's workstation, keeping your content safe, without compromising the experience.

Tails of Testing

Watch this video to learn more about how we’re modernizing oral certifying exams.

The ITS Observational Assessment Solution: A Story of Innovation

Delivering your OSCEs or oral certifying exams amid global restrictions required Herculean efforts revealing a new way to reach candidates. Amid challenging global restrictions, we discovered a new way to deliver OSCEs and oral certifying exams and reach your candidates.

Bringing your exam online is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate exam security, polish a new testing process, and ask: do we have the right solution for our measurement goals?

The ITS Observational Assessment Solution delivers a high-quality, secure, remote experience. Driven by our highly regarded healthcare partners, our dedicated platform is the latest innovation in oral certifying exams.

Transform your OSCE or oral certifying exam experience. Contact our team today!