The ITS Continuous Certification Solution

Reimagine recertification. Provide a flexible, personalized, and more meaningful path.

Recertification just became more manageable for everyone. The ITS Continuous Certification Solution empowers healthcare professionals to recertify at their own pace and focus on the essentials.

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Give your candidates a personalized learning experience they'll love. Deliver learning resources, exam content, and feedback rationales that adapt to their knowledge and skill level.

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Keep your candidate up to date with targeted item delivery. Incorporate timely, specialty-specific developments in their learning resources and exam content.

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Make your recertification program more manageable. Assess candidates at a pace that matches their busy schedule by enabling them to respond to items on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

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Improve your program using advanced analytics with data collected. Capture key metrics that help you analyze candidate performance and make the best data-informed decisions.

Tails of Testing

Learn about how this new model embeds learning with assessment in this video.

The ITS Continuous Certification Solution: Where learning resources meet longitudinal assessment.

Medical professionals need to continually refresh their skills and knowledge to remain successful in their careers. With the ITS Continuous Certification Solution, they can do this on their own terms. Our solution offers professionals on-the-go exam questions and learning resources that easily fit into their busy schedules. And these questions are targeted: they're relevant to the professional's specialty, and they adapt based on performance. The ITS Continuous Certification Solution is a personalized path to recertification.

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