Igniting possibilites.

SparkAI unlocks new opportunities to create content, explore data insights, and strengthen exam security.

Seamlessly integrated into ITS's advanced solutions such as Item Workshop, Program Workshop, and ProctorNow™, SparkAI leverages the power of generative AI and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time assistance to you, enabling users to elevate their testing programs' success.


Automatic Item Generation powered by SparkAI™

An easy-to-use tool, SparkAI can help you quickly and creatively generate test items using your preferred generative AI technology.

Uncover Ideas

Overcome writer's block. Define your parameters and let SparkAI generate initial drafts, leaving room for your human touch during editing.


Accelerate Writing

The test development process is time-consuming. While shortcuts aren't an option, SparkAI streamlines item creation by producing batches tailored to your preferred item types.


Cost Efficiency

Do more with less. SparkAI empowers you to generate numerous test items without stretching your budget.


Enhance Exam Security

Prioritize exam integrity. Integrating SparkAI rapidly expands your item pool, providing longevity and heightened security for your exams.


Canine Communication
Body Language
Visual Cues
In Canine communication, what does a raised tail typically indicate?
  • A. Fear
  • B. Submission
  • C. Excitement
  • D. Sleepiness

The Future of SparkAI™

We're just scratching the surface. SparkAI is continuously evolving. Our experts have a roadmap packed with upcoming features that will ignite your testing program.