Secure online exam delivery anytime, anywhere

Give your candidates the flexibility to test when and where they’d like without sacrificing test security.

Leveraging the most advanced technology, ProctorNow is a flexible platform that uses live proctors and record and review options. Test programs can choose to use one specific model or a hybrid of both models depending on what is best for their program. Best of all, each model comes with standard features like Proctor Assist, two-camera support, and our secure browser.

Remote Proctoring Models

Live Proctor
A human proctor is employed to watch the candidate test in real time. The proctor can be from a third-party staffing agency or someone more intimate with the test program like a training instructor (often referred to as bring-your-own-proctor).
Record and Review
The candidate’s video and audio are recorded during testing without a live human proctor monitoring them. The recording is stored for a determined period and can be accessed later by the test program for auditing.
Live Proctor and Record and Review can be combined for a hybrid approach to remote proctoring. If a live proctor is not available 24/7, Record and Review can be used during that downtime, so candidates are still able to test.

Built-In Features

No matter the remote proctoring model, ProctorNow comes with standard features that are configurable to meet the unique needs of your testing program.

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Proctor Assist

Proctor Assist uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically flag common security violations, notify the live proctor, and mark that alert in the recording. The candidate's workspace is scanned for anomaly detection of two faces, unexpected audio, and other suspicious behavior.

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Two Camera Support

Two cameras are used for an additional viewpoint of the candidate's test environment, providing increased security by capturing views that are not visible with just one camera. Most commonly, the second camera is a mobile device that is secured using its native APIs.

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Secure Browser

Our ITS-developed Secure Browser is integrated to limit the candidate’s access to only the test and approved digital resources while preventing unauthorized usage of the device’s other features and applications.

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